Mighty Grip TV and MercVille Productions

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Mighty Grip TV is a collaborative effort between MGTV, MercVille Productions and UPAtv.  The creators of MercVille do an excellent job of choosing their subjects.  They tell interesting stories of unique individuals.  People who have an extreme passion for pole.  If you know the people of Mighty Grip, passion for pole is right up their
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UPAtv was born from United Pole Artists.  Founder Annemarie Davies introduced live streams to the industry and started doing on camera interviews starting in 2009.  Check out the archive of old YouTube videos, find UPA Production videos, where we got exclusive interviews and up close to our interviewees.  Find past live streams of full shows. 
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Written by: Daisy Doom I started off as a general dancer, growing up I felt like an outcast, different from the rest. I struggled academically and out of school making friends. I turned to dance as a form of expression. Only being doing pole for year nearly now but I feel it has helped my
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Dark Matter: Harnessing a Unified Titan

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Written by Kelley Sekulov Coming of age far too young brought the titan into my life. “Anything else?” I wondered, being listed off the many symptoms PTSD hosts. I quickly learned to stop asking that question. Many go abroad to war to acquire this special chemistry. I stayed home. Shortly after my diagnosis — or
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Pole Dance Discovery

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Written by Seth Bacher As repetitive as this is going to sound, pole changed my life. Not only physically, but mentally, and emotionally as well. I have been poling for just over four years now and it has truly helped me to find a way to express myself, open my mind, broaden my horizons, find
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Relate to it is

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Written by Elisa Guest I woke up one December morning and realized I felt I was in a failing relationship with Pole. After 6 years- full of triumphs and fails; progress and regress; of shows and parties and injuries and set backs- the excitement wasn’t as strong. The lifelong commitment wasn’t so clear. It felt
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EVERY Body Belongs In The Pole Community

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Written by Lori Glaza We come from all corners of the globe. Pole dancers represent all races, creeds, ages, philosophies, abilities and sexual identities. We perform different styles of dance as diverse as music itself. Yet we are all a family! Each and every one of us is a vital part of the whole pole
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