Entrevista con atleta ParaPole

Entrevista con atleta ParaPole

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Entrevista con atleta ParaPole José Luis Gutiérrez de República Dominicana, en un accidente automovilístico , por imprudencia del conductor  instantáneamente con el impacto del choque perdió su pierna izquierda hace 7 años, lo cual lo llevó a hacer uso de una prótesis, con la cual lleva ya 5 años triunfando. José Luis, a sus apenas
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El Pole Dance – Empodera o Denigra a la Mujer

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By: Nina Zamora   “Si se viste así se está faltando el respeto ella sola…cómo espera que la respeten los demás?” “Si baila y se mueve de esa manera tan provocadora seguro se la está buscando.” Qué común es escuchar frases como éstas, y qué triste que la mayoría de las personas concuerde con ese
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Canadian Polers to Watch

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The pole community in Canada is growing rapidly and has introduced some incredible athletes to the international pole community. Artists such as Tara Meyer and Jazzy Alix have already captivated audiences around the world. Here are some Canadian polers on the rise that are making a name for themselves both in Canada and globally. Libby
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Pole Dance Conquistando el Mundo!

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En la foto de arriba: Felix Cane (Michael Jackson The immortal Tour by Cirque Du Soleil) No es un ningún secreto que esta actividad que tanto amamos ha comenzado a dejar de ser mal vista ,y comienza a ser respetada y admirada por el resto de la población que no la practica . Sin importar
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Happy Father’s Day Poler Dads

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Listed by Desire LM Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s and especially to these amazing Poler Dads! Let’s celebrate these awesome dudes that are dads, that set a wonderful example for all other male polers and for their children. They remind us that anyone can pole in any way that they want!   Chris Measday
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It recently came to our attention that there is false and misleading pole dance information going around the mainstream media outlets on-line.  As the news, UPA has taken the time to attempt to set the record straight.  But we wanted you to be aware of what they are now saying.  And, oh yeah, furthermore, they
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UPA’s Live Streams

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You may have heard that UPA is starting to live stream in more places.  Well, yes, this is true.  We have been training our people in different parts of the world to help bring you more live streams.  We have been conducting a series of tests at different events.  Some of these tests have been
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Mi vida se llenó de “Vida”

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Mi nombre es…Luz Elena Von Hemken Arrillaga. Tengo 45 años de edad. “ Soy una mujer fuerte, capaz y decidida a luchar por lo que quiero y amo.” El pole ha sido parte fundamental de mis cambios físicos, y emocionales.  El día 22 de Mayo del 2008, sufrí un accidente en casa. Tuve un resbalón
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Written by Nia Burks “Jennifer seemed drunk, crawling on all fours around the stage and bending over for men to ogle.” No boyfriend would be okay with that behavior!”, says a staff member of OK! Magazine on a story they reported on in which Jennifer Lawrence jumps on a pole while out on the town
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FLOORSOME – Why Floorwork is Awesome

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Written By: Bexiita Ackland We love pole. Fact. We are United Pole Artists, so it kinda goes with the territory. But there is so much more to “Pole Dancing” than just – well – dancing with a pole. The pole is just the 45mm bit in the middle. But look at all that space around it!
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