Anyone who has performed before has probably developed some pre-performance rituals to calm their nerves and make them feel stage ready.  We have surveyed polers to see what they do to prepare to perform.  Here are some of our favorite responses:



“Repeatedly, and surely unnecessarily, re-applying my grip aid and wiping off my hands.” – Rebekah Youngers


“When my makeup is halfway done, I take a photo with a funny face and send it to a friend of mine.  It is comforting to know she is ‘there’ with me!  Also – I have someone say ‘everything is going to be ok’ to me.  That was said to me my very first performance and it calms me down immediately.” – Sara Cromyak


“I have purple, good-luck undies…” – Kat Nguyen


“I bring 2 microfiber cloths to every performance.  It has to be just perfectly damp in one spot.  One I wipe my feet 1000x (and stand on) and one I wring in my hands until the second I go on when I throw it to the ground.” – Nadyne Moldowan



“I use some of my yoga/meditative breathing exercises right before I go on to help calm the nerves.” – Jane Carter Courtney


“Forgetting to brush my teeth.” – Kate E. Gaga



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“I nervous pee and chew the f*** out of gum to release nervous energy and for the minty feel.  Also, I tend to over grip, check that my nips and lips are all where they’re supposed to be, and listen to my song on headphones and visualize.” – Shelbi Aiona


“I like to throw back about 10 beers, maybe a couple shots” – Steven Hudson (just kidding!)


What are you pre-performance rituals?  Comment below and share them with UPA!


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