17 Photos From The Underwater Photographer That Are Amazingly Majestic


We have all seen those amazing underwater pole and aerial photos floating around social media (yes, pun intended).

We stalked Brett Stanley a.k.a The Underwater Photographer’s website and social media pages and collected a few of our favorite photos.

Here’s 17 majestic AF photos we absolutely love!

  1. Sirena, Natsuki, Arisa – Auckland New Zealand


2. Maree & Giada – Wellington New Zealand


3. April – Los Angeles, USA


4. Sheridan – Auckland, NZ


5. Cindy – Wellington NZ


6. Aastha -Los Angeles, USA


7. Marilyn – Los Angeles, USA


8. Dani – Las Vegas USA


9. Robert – Las Vegas USA


10. Gemma – Sydney Australia


11. Annaleise & Amy – Sydney Australia


12. Artemis – Sydney Australia


13. Maree & Giada – Wellington, NZ


14. Sophie – Wellington NZ


15. Rachel – Atlanta USA


16. Hannah & Amy – Tampa USA


17. Vivian – Tampa USA


About Brett Stanley a.k.a The Underwater Photographer

Brett Stanley is a professional underwater photographer whose innovative work has been published worldwide in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, D-Photo, Gothesque, Dark Beauty, and features regularly on television.
After falling in love with underwater portraiture in 2013 Brett made the move from New Zealand to Los Angeles, and his career has taken him to many countries around the world. His relaxed style of instruction creates a safe and enjoyable environment for his clients, many of whom can’t even swim.

In 2013 Brett had the ridiculous idea of taking pole dancing and aerials underwater, with the idea to create a series of images that would put the sport’s beauty and grace in a new realm. The idea quickly gained praise from the community and the images went viral, creating a new way of looking at the sports – especially Pole Dancing which still had the stigma of gentleman’s clubs with certain viewers. The images showed the strength, flexibility, and beauty of the performers and hopefully changed a few minds.

Brett’s goal is to bring the underwater experience to anyone who dreams of the surreal and fantastic.

Check out Brett’s current tour schedule and booking info by clicking on the image here:


Stalk Brett here:

Website: http://www.underwater-photographer.com
IG: http://www.instagram.com/brettsphoto
FB: www.fb.com/brettstanleyphotography


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