Aussie pole dancers come from the land down under, a.k.a. The Mecca of Pole Dancing. But it is also known as the land of spreadies, stilettos and out right sexiness!!

The team at UPA have compiled a list of some of our favorite pole dancers from this foreign, fantasy land. If this list doesn’t want to make you go Down Under, we don’t know what will!!

(List is in alphabetical order)

1. Adam Lin


2. Amber Ray


3. Amy Hazel


4. AnDre Le


5. Andrea Ryff

6. Bailey Day


7. Bailey Hart


8. Carlie Hunter


9. Chilli Rox


10. Chris Talbot aka Blue Phoenix


11. Cleo The Hurricane


12. Daisy Adelle Bastick



13. Dallas Dee


14. David Æon


15. Felix Cane

aussie pole


16. Gracie Buntine


17. Jamilla Deville

aussie pole


18. Lola Grace


19. Lou Landers


20. Maddie Sparkle


21. Michelle Shimmy


22. Miss Filly


Honorable Mention – Brad From Vertigo Photography


To all the Aussie pole dancers that make us want to go down under – we praise you


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Shayne Evans
Shayne is originally from Sydney, Australia and resides in Los Angeles, USA. Shayne has a Diploma of Property, a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) and a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations). She joined UPA team in 2014 is is currently the Head of Marketing & PR. Shayne is the owner of Vertical Life PR which is the only publicity company in the world for pole dancers and aerial arts. She represents many pole and aerial dancers from around the world through her media company. She began pole dancing in 2007 and has been heavily involved in the industry since. She travels the world reporting on pole events judging and live streaming.


  1. I agree will all 22 entries, however I wish you could have made space for Kristy Sellars – she is the reason I pole! 🙂 <3