Taking a vacation combining a visit to a pole dance studio and an awesome city is easier than you think!


With so many pole studios throughout the US, not only is it possible to pole while away from home, it is very easy to plan a Pole Vacation! Below is a short list of cities that offer great pole experiences along with a fun trip!


Los Angeles

The Vertitude, Choreography House, Luscious Maven, BeSpun, Evolve, Jagged, and Secret Pole Studio, and more, are all within driving distance of each other!! And with many pole stars based there, don’t be surprised to find some of your favorite polers on the teaching roster for these studios.

Los Angeles hosts a number of pole dancing events throughout the year, so plan your visit accordingly. However, whether you make it out during one of the events or not, you should also visit LA’s unique Bikini Bars where you will find full bars and amazing pole dancing! Just make sure to tip well and call the lovely ladies by their Bar name!!! For more on LA’s Bikini Bars, read here https://www.timeout.com/los-angeles/clubs/the-best-bikini-bars-in-los-angeles.

While resting from classes or waiting for the evening’s activities, be sure to check out LA’s beaches, amusement parks, museums, movie studios, and hiking trails!


Las Vegas

Home to Pole Expo (thank you Fawnia Mondey!), Las Vegas is a must trip at some point of every pole dancer’s life! In the 6 years it’s been held, Pole Expo has grown to be the largest pole event with thousands of enthusiasts from around the world coming together for a week of pole every September. If you visit at a different time, you can find classes at a number of studios, such as Fawnia’s Pole Fitness Studio and Shine Alternative Fitness.

Of course, there is plenty to do in Las Vegas! With aerial arts friendly Cirque du Soleil shows, burlesque shows and strip clubs, there are plenty of performances to enjoy. The Strip offers gambling, dance clubs, and bars… and what can beat Vegas hotel pools?!



When thinking of pole dancing and strip clubs, Atlanta is one of the first cities to come to mind. Maybe it’s the Southern Hip Hop scene. Maybe it’s the amazing dancers gracing the stages of well known strip clubs such as Onyx, Magic City, and VLive Atlanta (formerly Diamonds of Atlanta). Maybe it’s because pole stars such as Lux ATL, Heidi Coker and FiyaStarta call it home. Maybe it’s because Atlanta hosts numerous pole events and competitions. Or maybe it’s the amazing pole studios such as Vertical Joe’s, Dance 411, and Polelateaz that offer a number of classes. Whatever it is, Atlanta is pole magic!

Atlanta is also a beautiful city full of history, a lively night life, sporting events and a huge ferris wheel!! All worth checking out.




Alethea Austin’s Chrome Bar. Self described as “a boutique barre fitness, aerial and dance studio,” The Chrome Bar is world known and a frequent destination spot for pole dancers from around the world. So much so, that TCB offers a “destination package” for out of town polers! Alethea also hosted Live Dancing Girls pole show series and Miss Pole Dance America competition in Nashville. Unfortunately, due to extensive damage and relocation of TCB during a storm, those events were not held in 2017, but they are sure to make a comeback in the near future. Nashville is also home to Miss Fit Academy and Studio Goddess pole studios, offering more poling opportunities.

Although lacking in strip clubs (only 4 that could be found), Nashville is not known as Music City for nothing! With 100s of venues catering to different genres, you will find a spot for a drink and some live music to enjoy! You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to take in music history, with numerous tours, places of interest and museums, such as as the Johnny Cash museum.


New York City

Black Girls Pole Headquarters. Home to Dalijah Franklin, Roz the Diva, Michelle Stanek and others. Numerous pole studios in relative close proximity,  including Body and Pole with its Train-cation package. A large number of strip clubs in all price ranges, all over the city. The best subway/public transportation pole dancers in the world, we’ve all seen the New York MTA pole signs! Heck, even the rats know how to pole dance http://nypost.com/video/its-showtime-for-this-pole-dancing-subway-rat/. All this makes NYC a great city for pole!

Being one of the best known and most visited cities in the world, NYC has an abundance of history, culture, museums, nightlife, cuisine, and shopping. This is a great spot for a pole vacation!

So next time you think of taking a vacation, plan on making a pole vacation! What cities have you poled while visiting?


List compiled by Elisa V.

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