List complied by UPA Staff and Ambassadors: Shayne, Desire, Elisa, Lauren Sarch, Benjamin Hunt

These pole dancer’s heat up our social media each day with their absolutely sexy style! We love their heel clacking, body rolling, spredie ways!

Want to catch some of these pole dancer’s live in action? Tune into the FREE livestream of the Sexy Pole Showcase at the International Pole Convention on Thursday, June 1st at 6:30pm EST.

Sext Showcase Details:

  1. Andre Corey

2. AnnaKia

3. Bobbi

4. Brian Wolf

5. Daria Che

6. Elena Anishchenko

7. Lux Atl

8. Maddie Sparkle

9. Michelle Shimmy

10. Olga Koda

11. Quan Bui

12. Suwasit

13. Svetlana Yurchak

14. Tiff Finney

15. Torwa Joe

Complete livestream schedule for 2017 International Pole Convention

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