The beauty of pole dancing is that it is for everyone. It is for every gender, age, race, religion, size and sex.

Today we are celebrating the bad azz pole dancers that have some seriously sexy dangerous curves. Check out these pole dancers!!!

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1. Tausha Ostrander – Fort Collins, CO


Pole dancing for 3.5 years

Follow on Instagram – @taushaostrander

“Pole gives me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and of well being. It’s a lot of struggle, especially for someone carrying more weight than her counterparts, but that difficulty; all the hard work that I have to put in to make that next trick happen, makes my victories even sweeter when I finally achieve them!”


2. Ms Vegas – Vegas, NV


Pole dancing for 7 years and competing for 4 years

Follow on Instagram – @thefamousmsvegas

“Pole dancing makes me feel sleek and bendy. Nothing gives me more joy and confidence.”


3. Crystal Clark – Beverly, MA

Photo Credit: @kbpphoto

Pole dancing for 3 years and teaching pole for 1 year

Follow on Instagram – @butterfly8i8girl

“Pole makes me feel like I am myself again. The only thing that matters when I’m in the studio is what I’m doing in the moment. I feel sexier, more confident, more empowered, more relaxed.”


4. Laydia aka CurvyDva – Laurel, MD

Laydia 1

Pole dancing for 8 years and teaching pole for 6 years

Follow on Instagram – @curvydva

“Pole makes me feel super human! When I learn a new move I feel accomplished and amazed about what I can FORCE my body to do.”


5. Jada, Founder of Curvy Girls Pole – Baltimore, MD


Pole dancing for 1.5 years

Follow on Instagram – @curvygirlspole

“Pole makes me feel strong, beautiful and sexy as hell! It has given me a new-found love and appreciation for my body by showing me the amazing things that all of this curviness is capable of! It has introduced me to a community of dynamic, talented and supportive women who embrace each other regardless of age, size, weight, race, etc. and are all so incredibly down for empowering each other every day! Pole inspired me to create Curvy Girls Pole, which has turned into more than I ever could have imagined by bringing women from all over the world together to support and inspire each other, specifically for us women who typically have a different pole journey due to our body types. It means something to see a woman that looks like you who’s over 200 pounds hoist herself into an invert flawlessly. In an instant, something that was a dream can become a goal! I’m so grateful that I walked into Xpose Fitness a year and a half ago — pole has literally changed my life in the best of ways ever since.”


6. Jillian Marie aka Pole Geek – Los Angeles, CA


Pole dancing for 4 years

Follow on Instagram – @pole_geek

“I love pole dance, but at times it has made me hate my body as much as it has made me love it. My journey has been a struggle, a fight, a joy, and a labor of love, but I wouldn’t change any moment because it has taught me that the perceived limits my body had were just that, limits I and others believed were there, but in reality I just needed to push past.”


7. Lulu – Glen Burnie, MD


Pole dancing for 10 years

Follow on Instagram – @minicoopergrl

“I have been performing and competing in pole competitions for a decade!!!  Ive performed local, regional and national levels.  My biggest claim to fame was appearing on season 7 of the NBC hit – Americas Got Talent.  That episode put plus size dancers on the map and we can’t be stopped.  Pole dancing makes me feel like myself.  I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2011 and pole had become my therapy to manage symptoms.  I feel so much more comfortable in my skin after a class that Id walk the catwalk with the Victoria Secret Angels!!


8. Zack aka Twinkle Toes – Washington, DC


Pole dancing for 5 years

Follow on Instagram – @Zack_von_gaga

“Pole makes me feel powerful, ferocious, and SICKENING! When I hit the stage I come to turn the party and give the audience something they ain’t ever seen before. I serve body, strength, and sass!”


9. Miss Rhian DuBois – Denver, CO

Miss Rhian DuBois

Pole dancing for 2 years

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“Pole makes me feel ALIVE. It gives me the freedom to express and share my soul, where I otherwise don’t have the velour to do so. In essence Pole has saved my life.”


10. Mia VanSant – Boonsboro, MD


Pole dancing for 2.5 years

Follow on Instagram – @Miacalla77

“What I love the most about pole is that it does not discriminate or pass judgement based on body type or a number on a scale. The only thing that will hinder your success is you.”


11. Keeley Alvarado – Austin, TX

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.22.21 PM

Pole dancing for 4 years and teaching for 2 years

Follow on Instagram – @keeley1123

“If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would have won or placed in multiple competitions and be teaching pole dancing (especially a heels class targeted to those wanting the sexy side), I would have laughed in their face. Pole has given me permission to feel sexy. This is a rare experience for most women, even more so for a plus sized one. I quickly realized I felt at home dancing in 7inch heels (and now 7.5 ?). Pole allowed me to explore a side of myself I wouldn’t have thought existed. The other amazing thing is that it has connected me to people around the world and allowed me to meet some amazing athletes, I mean that’s what we all are right, whether we like the fitness style, comedy, dramatic, or sexy side? However, despite the empowering,sexy, connectedness I have felt, the most important has been becoming a mentor and inspiration to others. Having people come up to me after a class or performance (both plus sized and non plus sized) and tell me they enjoyed what I had to offer and have been an inspiration to them???? What can beat that feeling?”


12. Amanda Jeanette – Austin, TX


Pole dancing for 2 years

Follow on Instagram – @amanda_jean512

“I took my first pole class nearly two years ago on a quest to find a workout routine that I could actually stick to, to try and lose weight, and in an attempt to face my life long fear of dancing.  It was love at first spin and I haven’t looked back since. Through pole dance I have learned to stop worrying so much about what others think of me and to be true to myself.  I’ve gained the confidence to love my body for the feats that it can accomplish when I put in the work, rather than criticize myself for the way that I look. I just recently performed for the first time and can’t wait to get onstage again!”


13. Amy Kaplun


Pole Dancing for 8 years

Follow on Instagram – @amykaplun

Start pole dancing because her friend took her to a class now owns Infit Dance in LA!

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Shayne Evans
Shayne is originally from Sydney, Australia and resides in Los Angeles, USA. Shayne has a Diploma of Property, a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) and a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations). She joined UPA team in 2014 is is currently the Head of Marketing & PR. Shayne is the owner of Vertical Life PR which is the only publicity company in the world for pole dancers and aerial arts. She represents many pole and aerial dancers from around the world through her media company. She began pole dancing in 2007 and has been heavily involved in the industry since. She travels the world reporting on pole events judging and live streaming.


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