Written and Compiled by: Shayne Evans & Boris Kynonesz

Pole fitness is an extremely physically demanding sport and these kids are next level athletes. They are all under 18 years of age and are currently the best extreme pole athletes in the world.

  1. Chiari Isawaki From Japan – 12 Years Old
Chiari Isawaki
Extreme Pole Athletes

2. Dana Castillo Zarazúa From Mexico – 13 Years Old

Dana Castillo Zarazúa
Extreme Pole Athletes

3.  Demi Brama From Netherlands – 14 Years Old

Demi Brama

4. Andrea Martínez From Mexico – 14 Years Old

Andrea Martínez

5. Brooke Unsworth From South Africa – 12 years Old

Brooke Unsworth

6. Elizaveta Shevtsova From Czech Republic – 12 years Old

Elizaveta Shevtsova

7. Grecia Torres From Mexico – 17 Years Old

Grecia Torres

8. Hannah Giulia Aschei From Italy – 17 Years Old

Hannah Giulia Aschei

9. Judith  Gelabert Cáceres From Mexico – 17 Years Old

Judith Gelabert Cáceres

10. Nayeli García Vázquez – From Mexico – 9 Years Old

Nayeli García Vázquez

10. Olga Trifonova From Russia – 14 Years Old

Olga Trifonova

11. Paige Olsen From USA – 12 years Old
Paige Olsen

12. Panna Kocsaslijkszki From Hungary – 14 Years Old

Panna Kocsaslijkszki

13. Renata Zárate From Mexico – 10 Years Old

Renata Zárate

14. Emili Moskalenko From Ukraine – 10 years Old

Emili Moskalenko

15. Ximena Marie Meza Huerta and Ivanna Torres Sánchez From Mexico – 14 Years Old and 13 years Old
Ximena Marie Meza Huerta and Ivanna Torres Sánchez

16. Justice Hailey From Australia – 13 Years Old

Justice Hailey From Australia17. Zoe Blair From USA – 14 Years Old

Zoe Blair

18. Annika Winkler From Germany – 14 Years Old

18 Kids Under 18 Who Are Extreme Pole Athletes

And for been so talented, we applaud you all


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  1. Thanks for this great piece of reporting, Shayne and Boris! So glad to see the next generation of polers! But, I’m curious – where are the under-eighteen male polers?