How to Prevent Sore Wrists in Pole Dancing – You Need These In Your Life!

Injuries are the bane of all athletes. For pole dancers, wrist pain is one of the most common injuries and it can hamper their progress. This can be avoided if you have more knowledge about the injury and you’re aware of the ways to lessen its occurrence. As you read on, you’ll learn more about
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Ser Pole Dancer Vegano o Vegetariano

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Has visto que más Pole dancers se han vuelto veganos o vegetarianos??Ahora más que nunca ,es muy común ser un pole dancer vegano o vegetariano. En la práctica del Pole ,nos encontramos que más  pole dancers cada día deciden cambiar su alimentación , pero esto no es fácil! Debemos estar informados.   Grandes pole dancers
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¿Quieres ser un competidor de polo internacional?

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El sueño de muchos es poder competir internacionalmente, para poder llevar su talento a otro país. Decirlo o pensarlo es muy simple, darse cuenta de que es otra cosa !!! Una vez que usted decide ser un competidor de polo internacional, hay una gran cantidad de planificación que debe hacerse.     Aquí hay algunas
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Jason Lam: The Accident, the Rehab, the Journey

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  Jason Lam is an aerialist, artist, poler and fighter.  The strength of his spirit is incredible and moving and proves to how powerful the mind can be when it comes to curing the body.  We sent Mone’t Ha-sidi and Dwight Taylor to interview and film Jason Lam at the Sci-Fit Sacramento rehab facility.  We
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Canadian Pole Competitions

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With so many new Canadian pole competitions popping up, it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for you!  To help you choose, we’ve summarized some of Canada’s largest competitions and provided recommendations of which ones you would be best suited for based on your preferred style.   PSO Canada PSO
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  Te quiero dico por que yo como elegir musica para mi performance. La música es parte fundamental de cualquier performance, puede ayudarnos a acentuar nuestros movimientos en el escenario o hacernos pasar totalmente desapercibidos. Muchas veces, la respuesta puede ser obvia y elegimos una canción que nos gusta, esa que está sonando constantemente en
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Pole Dancer Suffers Severe Burns

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On the 10th of July, while in Chicago to judge a pole dancing competition, Jo Robinson – a pole studio owner and aerial artist from Northern Ireland – “suffered severe burns on her face, chest, hands, lungs, throat, nose and even her eyeballs” (Hartley-Parkinson; Metro.co.uk). Jo Robinson suffered burns across her body after she used
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Outdoor Pole in Canada

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This year Canada celebrates its 150th birthday!  What better way to celebrate than to enjoy the great outdoors.  It may be snowy in the winter but, once summer is here, Canadian polers waste no time taking their poles outside. Of course, outdoor pole makes for some amazing photos! Here are some Canadian polers doing what
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Announcing: Aerial Sport Organization Fog City Competition

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Aerial Sport Organization was founded in 2017 by co-founders Karri Mae Becker and Amy Bond. Karri and Amy share a passion for the aerial arts and saw a need for an aerial lyra competition built around the burgeoning aerial arts community. Aerial Sport Organization was born to provide a performative atmosphere and competition opportunity to
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Interview with Fran Mackenzie of VerticaLove

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Beardy McPoler here, with a story/interview that will warm the hearts of any poler, regardless of their background. Fran Mackenzie created VerticaLove 5 years ago as a pole event for every poler, all-inclusive, regardless of background or studio affiliation. Think of it as a weekend in “pole Switzerland”, but in Ontario Canada, near Toronto. Lucky
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