Thanks to you, we have assembled some of the sexiest bodies in pole!  Make sure you scroll through the pages in order to vote for your favorite!

Voting is now closed!  Stay tuned for the results!


  1. Krystal Knight’s photo is the epitome of sexy :O her expression, her lines, her strength to hold the split and balance to hold the position and to do this all at once!! My goodness! All that paired with Angelo’s skilled photography to create the sexiest atmophere in the photo with lighting, angles and focus. It’s just the perfect shot for Bringing Sexy Back!!

  2. Krystal knight is such an inspiration! I just loves everything she does and everything she stands for. Attitude is everything!

  3. Krystal Knight is an amazing woman.
    She is very driven, focused and downright sexy! Wish I could be as confident as her xx