Yesterday, our IT guy was going through the numbers to see how the new layout is coming along and how you, the pole community likes it.  This just shows how much we all love each other!

Thanks to you, United Pole Artists has been referenced in a post, searched on the interwebs, talked about on instagram, and tweeted about..


We really don’t know what to say here besides Thank You.  To our Ambassadors shouting the name of UPA from the top of the pole to the beginner that is wondering what the community is about.  So, Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!  From the beginning, our goal has been to inform the public of the amazingness of pole!  We feel that finally, the word is getting out.  This is a clear sign that our industry is growing.  We can only grow with you!

Please keep up the good work and remember that we will always be here for you, bringing you the best in pole and aerial news as well as live events, the best of the fitness world putting up informational videos, who’s who in the pole world as far as distributors, advertisers, people who make gear, and last but not least, YOU, our readers!

Feel free to ask a United Pole Artist ambassador or even Shayne or Annemarie how you can help make this community we call Pole and Aerial more awesome by the year.  We’d love to hear your stories and your spin on what’s going on!