Meet the UPA Team, including our newest Ambassadors!  We have taken the time to get to know each of these amazing people and we want you to know them too!  After all, you may see them at an event and want to say hi!  We send Team Members and Ambassadors to events, they write stories about theirs and your experiences.  They are also learning new skills, how to sell ads, how to edit video, how to make marketing images and more! As UPA grows, we need people to tell us what they like and they don’t like.  Our team members get to know the things first, tell us what they think and give insight.  They are from all over the world, but mostly here in the U.S.  We are looking to expand our international team!  If after reading about our amazing team, if you feel like you would be a good fit for UPA, email us!  (


IMG_0013am daviesAnnemarie Davies AMD is the founder and CEO of United Pole Artists.  Her goal has been to inform the pole audience of the goings on and to teach our mainstream audience as much about pole as possible.  Her other goals include lifting her team up and creating opportunities for them.


John pictured here with wife, Missy

John Hoffman  With out John UPA would not be anywhere near what it is today.  He is a co-owner of United Pole Artists and has been with us since 2011.  His contributions to UPA was the catalyst for this company.  He has also been with us consulting during the growth and expansion of UPA over the years.




WifeyShayne Evans Best known as ShayneBabe, she has recently brought our Instagram account from 10,000 followers to 100,000 followers in just 9 months!  She has been head of our marketing and PR department for all of 2016 so far.  She runs our bloggers department, keeps track of our marketing schedule and consults on almost all decisions and changes within UPA on a daily basis.  She is part of the backbone of UPA!



Nadia Sharif This world renowned pole dancer has been a UPA rep since the beginning of time!  She has traveled the world over the last several years and has been spreading the word.  Nadia has been a true supporter and soon to be working on a new project with us.  (TBA)





563750_10202684286131977_236416178_nGina Tann  Ms. Tann has been our longest and most consistent blogger on UPA for years now.  She has also consulted in certain areas of UPA, positively affecting it’s growth.



12829359_1259623767386480_9184651909414246564_oBenjamin Cameron Hunt Ben has been with us for years.  He’s been an overall supporter and has covered events for us, including interviews and competition result reports.






12417566_587889388044406_402868620766315285_nBexiita Auckland Bex has been a regular blogger for UPA.  She also attends events in the UK and gives us live Instagram coverage and competition result reports.

Brian Wolf Boo Boo Brian helps run the UPA Ambassador program.  He keeps track of what team members are going to what events so we can give you the coverage that you need!Alloy15-Brian-1584



1069260_10151823679688793_245065734_nGeraldine Lamboley The beautiful French lady translates things to and from English for us.  Geraldine also has connections in France and hooks us up when we need to get a hold of someone.





13130927_10205506752542320_3258906784662215785_oPaulina Zamora Known as Le Nina on Facebook, Paulina is our Spanish translator.  She keeps us connected to the Spanish speaking community, picks Spanish posts for Instagram for us to share and is helping grow our Spanish audience.  She also blogs for us in Spanish.  Muchos Gracias!







UPA Ambassadors

Brynn Route     Brynn Route Lives in California and is a professional pole performer and instructor.






Chelsea ReneeChelsea Renee Chelsea lives in Maryland and is a pole dance instructor at Vertical Bodies.






Cheryl TeeganCheryl Teagann Cheryl lives in London and is a professional performer.






CrystalCrystal Wiseheart Crystal lives in Maryland and is a personal trainer.






Desire LottDesire Lott Desire lives in Texas, a mother of two and is a studio owner, Heels on Dance On.




Erin OErin O’Brien Erin lives in Ireland and is a mother of two.







Lauren ElizaLauren Eliza Lauren lives in Texas and is going to Veterinary school.





Lauren Sarah
  Lauren Sarah Lauren lives in Canada and is a studio owner, Embrace Pole Art and Fitness.






Rosie Rose
Rosie Rose Rosie lives in Texas and was in the U.S. Military.  She now practices pole with her daughter.






Shelbi Aiona   Shelbi Aiona Shelbi lives in Texas and owns a tattoo shop.  She also is head of the UPA Store and sells Sacred Shapes through the store.




1978466_10153062446592867_3300638729719768582_o   S.T. Shimi Shimi lives in Texas and is a working artist.






This is the UPA Team and we are looking to grow even more!  We are mostly looking for International Ambassadors, people who speak different languages.  Polers that like to go to events, that would like to rep UPA.  Those who have good people skills and have experience in other types of fields, i.e. graphic design, admin work, videography, video editing, live streaming and on camera experience. Thanks for getting to know our team.  If you ever see one of these amazing Poler Bears at an event, feel free to go up to them and say hi!  🙂  #UnitedByPole