Britney Spears, A Pole & The Billboard Music Awards


The Billboard Music Awards took place in Las Vegas last night and the show opened with a Britney Spears mash up of songs.

The headlines this morning include:

“Britney Spears kicks Billboard Music Awards off with pole dancing” DailyMail


“Britney Spears’ Pole-Dancing Routine” Fox New Magazine

brit 3
Source: Getty Images

To any pole dancer out there, these types of headlines id what gets us excited! I was thinking to myself, ‘YESSSSS. That hot bitch would have killed that pole dance!”

Well, while there WAS a pole on the stage, Britney basically just dances around it without offering any climbs, invert or tricks. This disappointed me like you wouldn’t believe, but then I thought “this show is watched by millions around the world and Britney Spears had a pole on the stage!’

Plus she did a killer back walk over in heels!

Check out the video above and watch Britney werk that pole!

brit 2
Source: Getty Images

So Im very excited for all the pole dancers this morning who woke up to see pop princess Britney with a pole on the Billboard Music Awards. And she looked hot AF as well!


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Shayne Evans
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