WIN With Kelly Maglia, Glitter Heels and Mighty Grip

To coincide with the launch of her new collection #GetAGrip, Kelly Maglia is giving away an awesome prize pack to one lucky winner on Instagram!
Who wants to WIN a FREE Kelly Maglia, Glitter Heels, Mighty Grip PRIZE?
Enter to win:
* 1 pair of Liquid Vinyl High Waist Leggings in your size
* $60 Glitter Heels Gift Certificate
* 1 Grip It bag
* 1 Bottle Mighty Grip
* 1 Mighty Grip knee protectors
* 1 Grip It towel
* PRO TACK glove
$170+ cash value
How to Enter?
Go to Instagram (this is an Instagram only contest)
Follow @kellymaglia @tiffanysglitterheels and @mighty_grip on Instagram
Step 3:
Tag 3 people in the comments section below
Deadline = MAY 2, 2016
*Your account must be public
*One submission/IG account
One lucky winner will be selected through random drawing and announced the week of May 2nd.
Shop at
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Shayne Evans
Shayne is originally from Sydney, Australia and resides in Los Angeles, USA. Shayne has a Diploma of Property, a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) and a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations). She joined UPA team in 2014 is is currently the Head of Marketing & PR. Shayne is the owner of Vertical Life PR which is the only publicity company in the world for pole dancers and aerial arts. She represents many pole and aerial dancers from around the world through her media company. She began pole dancing in 2007 and has been heavily involved in the industry since. She travels the world reporting on pole events judging and live streaming.


  1. Are we to tag people in THIS comments section? I don’t think they will see it. Are we to tag three people under each of the accounts we follow on insta? Or are we to post on our own account and tag three people on our personal post? Thanks for clarifying!