Pole Dancing Grandma

Pole Dancing Grandma

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Did you ever imagine a pole dancing grandma?  Beatrice Ingerling, a 100 year old great great grandma wants to pole dance on her 100th birthday.  We can’t wait to see the pics and vids!  When we find them, we will share them with you!  Read more about her below…. “A Chesterfield woman is preparing to
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Felix Cane Championship Results

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The Felix Cane Championship was held in Perth, Australia and our UPA Ambassadors, Bec Filmer and Casey Mcmahen were there brining us all the action as it happened. The results of the Championship are: 2016 FELIX CANE POLE CHAMPION – Camille Bobbis 2016 Runner Up – Jakub Kolasa 2016 Felix Cane Choice Award – Andrea James Lui

The Power of Playtime

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No playtime=frustrated Pole’r Bear No matter how much we love pole dancing — and lets get real, we LOVE pole dancing — training can be truly frustrating and disheartening. A bad day or week might even leave us feeling like pole dance just isn’t “for” us. A lot of the time, it’s because we’ve forgotten
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No More Mr. Bad Side

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Written by Erin O’Brien Yes, I said it, I am tackling the ever-dreaded other side! Whether we are referring to pole spins, pole tricks,or flexibility, pole dancers often speak of a “good” side and a “bad side” – our bad side being the side on which we find it a bit harder to perform spins
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Woman, 28, addicted to pulling her own hair out by the roots after child sexual abuse and schoolyard bullying… and how pole dancing helped her reclaim her life

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  A young woman, 28, has spoken out about her addiction to pulling her hair The 15-year addiction left her with thin hair and large bald spots She says the addiction was triggered by ongoing bullying and child abuse She now wears special extensions to stop her from pulling her hair She sees a psychologist
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Los meses anteriores a una competencia no son fáciles, tantas horas de duro entreno frecuentemente llevan a nuestros cuerpos a sentir fatiga, o incluso a experimentar lesiones. Pero aparte del desgaste físico existe un desgaste psicológico que puede ser más duro aún. Si sufres de gran ansiedad y angustia estos son varios consejos que, a
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The World’s Smallest Pole Dancer

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We found the world’s smallest pole dancer!  She is determined to be a competitive pole dancers.  Sassie Cassie was awarded the title of World’s Smallest Pole Dancer by the Record Holders Republic.  Read an excerpt from The Sun (below) A WOMAN crowned the world’s smallest pole dancer is determined to prove size should never be
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Justine Rickard, Pole Dance Champion, Canada!

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Justine Rickard (Canada), receiving the 2015 Amateur Women’s Championship award, from Natasha Wang, 2015 PoleArt Cyprus. Justine, which part of Canada, are you from? I was born and still live in Moncton, New Brunswick. Justine Rickard training, Moncton, New Brunswick. Since January 2016. I teach pole classes at Pink Fitness Studio. I am also a
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Handstand Hints

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Handstands are awesome. First, they look really cool and you can make beautiful shapes while in one — case in point, the amazeballs Nadia Sharif in our main image. Second, they are great emergency exits from inverted moves. If you can comfortably hold yourself in a handstand, you can slide down into one and hold
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2016 Pole Theatre Ireland Results

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Professional Division Pole Comedy:  Andrea and Stevie Pole Drama: Marcin Miller Pole Classique: Lea Roth Overall Winner: Marcin Miller Semi Pro Division Pole Art: Angeliki Anastasopoulou Pole Drama: Amaryllis Nightwish Pole Classique: Lilli Daschle Overall Winner: Angeliki Anastasopoulou Amateur Division Pole Art Beginner: Maria Priscilla Pole Art Advanced: Ariel Edesess Pole Comedy Beginner:  Mich Piazza
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