Instagram 101 For Pole Dancers

While on the surface, Instagram seems like a bunch of narcissistic teens posting #selfies about their so called 'modelling' career, the point of Instargram is to connect the world via photos and short videos.

So you want to become #instafamous ?
While there is no magic formula to achieve been #instapopular, there are some easy steps to creating a loyal audience.
While on the surface, Instagram seems like a bunch of narcissistic teens posting #selfies about their so called ‘modelling’ career, the point of Instargram is to connect the world via photos and short videos. So unless you’re a Kardashian, been a self absorbed selfie poster isn’t going to get you followers or likes.
Here’s a few simple steps into rocking out your Instagram account and attracting the right attention.
1. The Surface
Forget been private! IPO your profile! Why do companies got public? To get investor’s to invest. Same thing goes with your Instagram profile. Your followers are your investor’s. How are new followers going to see what you post if you are on private?
Your bio is what people are going to see first. Forget writing things like ‘published model’ ‘activist’ ‘fitness junkie’. Just because you pouted your lips, chose a great filter, posted it on Instagram and hashtagged #model, your are not a model! Taking a photo feeding ducks or a gym pic will not brand you an activist or fitness freak either. People can see through the fake crap easier than a Kardashian wedding.
Write something that defines YOU! If you are studio owner, write the name and location of your studio. If you’re a pole event organizer, write about that! Keep it simple and too the point.
2. Content, Content, Content
Pic a theme for your profile. Pole dancers should be uploading pictures and videos of them doing pole dancing! Upload your achievements. There is nothing worse than a pic of your dog followed by a pic of you falling over on Hollywood Blvd, followed by you at the pole studio the next day. You need to have consistency in your photos. Pay attention to what works for you. Did that pic of your cat get a lot of likes? Or did the pic of the beautiful Ayesha attract more attention?
3. Get With The Timing
This is probably the MOST important advise I can offer. NO ONE LIKES AN INSTASPAMMER! Don’t go on an uploading spree and upload more photos in a row than Hugh Hefner has girlfriends lined up.
Think about when most of the world is awake. I usually upload between 1pm – 6pm PST. This means all of the USA is awake, the UK is awake and even our Aussies friends down under are just fluttering open their eyelids to your awesome photos.
4. Hashtag it Out
Ok so you’ve almost completed Instagram 101. Now you want to know how to create a great hashtag. Wait! Whats a hashtag you ask? A hashtag is a searchable link to the instaverse and a great way to increase your followers and likes.
The top 100 hashtags haven’t changed as much as Paris Hilton’s underwear, but using the most popular hashtags will get you lost in the instaverse quicker then Apple Maps. The trick to hitting the hashtag G spot, is a combination of creativity and relevance without been to general or obscure either.
Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, so just like going on an uploading spamming spree, don’t hashtag more than the amount rolls of toilet paper you can buy at Costco. Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it interesting.
So you have now completed Instagram 101.
Stayed tuned for Instagram 102  where we will explore colors, filters and big no no’s for the gram.

About the author:

Shayne Evans aka @shaynebabe
Shayne Evans aka @shaynebabe
Shayne is the Head of Marketing and PR for UPA. Shayne manages many pole dancers, pole studios and UPA’s Instragam account. If you would like more information on how to take your Instagram account to the next #instafamous level, contact