This super cute story comes from our friends Down Under. This Koala got a bit lost and climbed up a stop sign thinking it was a gum tree. We think he has actually been taking secret pole classes with Carlie Hunter and is planning to enter Miss Pole Dance Australia 😉   The South Australia Police reported on their Facebook page:   “Police found this potential recruit helping out with traffic control overnight at Glen Osmond. Patrols had “bearly” started their shift when they came across the keen little fellow clinging to the stop sign at the bottom of the South-Eastern Freeway. After a brief chat, he was escorted back up the bank and safely up a tree. Before he left, he told police that he and his friends often cross the road by the Tollgate and asked for motorists to keep an eye out for them. He also “re- paw-ted” to police that Koalas aren’t bears – noted!”   So we now have the proof that street poling in Australia is ok and if you get stuck, the police will even come to your rescue!