Pole Dancers in Taiwan Entertain at Festivals and Funerals

Pole Dancers in Taiwan Entertain at Festivals and Funerals

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“Taipei (Taiwan, News) — The “Techno-Dancing Third Prince” (電音三太子) troupe Marshal of the Central Altar temple of Luzhou (蘆洲中壇元帥民社館) held a parade on Christmas Day in Taipei’s Zhongshan District featuring a mix of modern and traditional elements, including a provocative pole performer.” ~ Taiwan News “In Taiwan, pole dancers can also be seen at temple festivals, weddings, and
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Kirstie Tancock “Turn an end into a beginning”

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This is a tribute to a beautiful Unicorn, Kirstie Tancock. Kirstie had been battling Cystic Fibrosis from an early age and had undergone two double lung transplants.  She even did crowd funding for her transplant (at least one of them that we know of) through her blog.  But her body began to reject the transplants again for
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OG Trickin’ — the chopper

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Say hello to the helicopter/chopper/inverted V/inverted straddle The chopper is the hobgoblin of many a poler. I struggled with it for a long time before I built the strength to go into it with control and hold myself there. A basic that’s not so basic First and foremost, bear in mind that this is not
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Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo hacen aquellos polers que admiras para llegar a ser tan asombrosos? Qué es lo que toma? Acá te narramos un poco de lo que le tomó a Ricardo Bustos, campeón mundial de la IPSF, a través de una entrevista en la cual nos cuenta de sus experiencias, sus entrenamientos,
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IPDFA Welcomes New President

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A Message from Ania. You may have already read the Facebook Post but Ania has stepped down as President of the IPDFA.. here is the post by Ania. “I would like to announce that I am stepping down as President of the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) and I am excited to appoint Samantha Robyn Browne (from Australia)
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Whose Move Is It, Anyway? Simultaneous invention of pole moves

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Badassery Everywhere! Who doesn’t love seeing cool movement? Crazy tricks? Cool movement combined with crazy tricks? It’s natural that when we see amazing things done by amazing dancers, we want to share it. Giving Credit Where Due When we do share cool stuff, from time to time someone will mention that we “should have credited
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The Pros and Cons of Poling Alone

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Written by: Erin O’Brien   One of my favourite places in the world is the studio where I train and some of my favourite people in the world are the women I train with there. Many a practice session is filled with mishaps and mayhem (for me at least…) but there is always encouragement, support,
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Entrevista con Renzo Zerga

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  EN QUÉ SOÑABA EL NIÑO RENZO?   Cuando niño una de mis mayores ilusiones era practicar gimnasia. Me gustaba mucho ver todo lo relacionado a ese deporte. Lastimosamente no pude practicarla por diversos motivos: no había una escuela o centro de este deporte cerca de mi casa  y principalmente porque yo tenía un problema
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#WCW — a love letter

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I have so many WCWs–-the result of watching many, many hours of youtube. Some dancers inspire me because of their fearlessness. Others because they’re so danged BENDY! Then there are those with otherworldly flow. Or creativity that drives me to pause, replay, pause, replay, pause, replay. Some have a fun club style that I love.
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Entrevista con Saulo Sarmiento

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Recuerdo perfectamente en el año 2012, yo apenas comenzaba a entrenar Pole, conocía muchas maravillosas exponentes femeninas, pero yo buscaba una imagen masculina que me inspirara a seguir en un medio dominado por las mujeres. Es entonces cuando vi la transmisión de Pole Art , un chico con un hermoso acto , sofisticado, lleno de
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