By Volare, Written by Shayne Evans Nicole ThePole is no stranger to the world of red carpets with poles on them. But one thing you should know, “ThePole is one word and you must always capitalize the T and P. Lol” she laughs. Nicole ThePole is the self-proclaimed #CelebrityPoleDancer and has that hashtag due to the huge repertoire she has. She has bene featured with music icons such as Rhianna, Bruno Mars, Neo, Chris Brown and Neo. So what’s the story behind the single and looking for a lasting relationship Nicole ThePole? After taking her first pole class in 2007 to opening her own studio in 2009, she has won numerous competitions and has boosted the pole industry to new heights. Read about it here: SE: Can you tell me a little about your life you became a full time dancer? Where do you grow up? What was your first job? NTP: I grew up all over Los Angeles County & spent a few years in Orange County as a kid as my mom moved around a lot. My very first job out of high school was doing order processing for a telemarketing company that sold foreclosure listing and car auctions. I had this job for a year and a half and this was my only 9-5 job as an adult, from the ages 19-20. I played sports all throughout high school and participated in volleyball, basketball and track & field. I was a huge tomboy. This led to me getting into weight lifting and because I was in such great shape and loved working out, my friends suggested I try out personal training. So I left my job in 2001, started training under a friend of mine who had a private training business and learned the trade. I trained under my friend’s company for about a year and a half and then I started my own private training business. In 2004 I started working at Bally Total Fitness for a year and got certified thru their program and received 2 more PT certifications thru ISSA and ACE and then worked at 24 hr fitness for a year from 2005 – 2006. SE: What was a defining moment when you decided you wanted to follow your dream? u91L_7TFZCrrJOBro72ZIgnr81mncOhNDntwhiw8Dd0NTP: When I got into personal training this is when I knew I wanted to work with people helping them change their lives and feel confident and be healthy. I also learned that working with clients involved a lot of talking and bonding with my clients which lead to me being able to actually connect with people and help them with things in their personal lives. I then realized I didn’t have to become a psychologist like I wanted to growing up to still connect and help people. I saw that I could also do that thru being a personal trainer. Since that realization I’ve continued to do personal development & empowerment work with my clients thru personal training, and then with opening my own personal training gym and then moving into opening a dance & fitness studio. In the last 15 years I’ve literally worked with thousands of people. I also teach self-development workshops/courses teaching people how to create the life of their dreams. I have another company called The Spiritual C.L.O.U.D. which offers workshops and personal session in helping others create their best life. I call myself a Vision Coach and I teach people all the tools I’ve learned thru all my own personal development work I’ve done. In my workshops I teach my students how to do Vision Lists, Vision Boards, The Power of Affirmations, and we cover a host of other topics such as Forgiveness, The Purpose & Power of Tithing, Financial Management & more. I’ve read tons of books, taken dozens of personal development courses/seminars, had a life coach, taken spiritual development courses and have regular sessions with a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. I’m constantly working on bettering myself and being a wonderful teacher to enlighten and make the world a better place. Teaching is what I absolutely love to do and it is the one constant thing that brings me the most Happiness. It is the one authentic place & action I can do to feel centered and connected to the Universe. It brings light to my heart, makes me shine from within and I have a divine gift for connecting with people and breaking things down so anyone can understand. People can visit my personal development website at SE: What has been a highlighting moment in your career so far? NTP: One of my highlight moments was when I was booked for my first music video with Rihanna for her song “Pour it Up in 2013. Being in this video blasted me into the international hemisphere. My audition video alone had become a viral sensation and was on TV, blogs, newspapers and more. It was so surreal. I went from being a young lady & entrepreneur who loved pole dancing and was just enjoying what I did and then turned into a pole dancing celebrity. I was featured on major news outlets and tv shows after that video came out and got tKTxda04P_IKMV0HKpEGKTYMyKwDqtPg3PKPcaUNXrYso much recognition. It was a whirlwind for a few months and I was riding on a high. Over the last 3 years since that video I have continued to book the most amazing jobs because of that one video alone. And just this past September 2015, fashion designer Alexander Wang himself wanted me to perform at his Fashion Show after party in New York. He saw me in the Rihanna video and fell in love with me and was like I want Nicole ThePole to perform at my show. This was yet another epic moment and performance opportunity all due to my previous hard work, efforts and energy as a pole dancer and businesswoman. SE: Can you describe the highs and lows over the last few years? Some of the highs have of course been all the mainstream media and work I’ve been able to do over these last few years, travelling the world teaching, having fans, being in some of the top music videos to date and working with some of the hottest entertainers in the industry. Some of the lows have been dealing with the ups of downs of running my own studios, having to be a owner, boss, manager, receptionist, friend and travelling the world all at the same time. When I first started I was trying to do everything by myself as I thought that was how it was supposed to be done and soon realized it was time to hand over some of the responsibilities. And to truly grow as a person and businesswoman, I needed to started developing a team and learning how to be a better boss. I had to learn to delegate responsibilities and trust the people I had around me. Having my pole studio has been one of the greatest teaching experiences ever and it’s helped me grow as a human being, businesswoman and entrepreneur. One of the hardest times was having someone that worked for me open up a studio while working for me and then actively pulling the studios students out right from under to me work at her studio and then turning people against me. And then certain members of my staff knowing this was going on but no one telling me. That was one of the hardest things to deal with being in business. I was so hurt and felt betrayed and it was my first experiences with real undermining behaviors by people, backstabbing, cattiness, gossip, lies and more. Another low was I had to fire staff members that no longer were a fit for the studio. There were hurt feelings on my end and those I had to terminate. And there were people who did such mean things afterwards. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to be an owner and to deal with all the facets & hats that come with it. It’s a difficult tasks to let someone go and those people don’t understand at the time that it’s not personal but just a business decision due to things not working any longer and not having a positive and productive effect on the business. I also didn’t handle some things as best as I could because I didn’t know how to do them any better as I was learning on the go. But all in all it’s been a great journey and I am truly grateful for everyone who has worked with my studio. There has been some amazing lessons, many great things that I learned about myself in which I attracted these incidents, lots of forgiveness work I had to within and this led to true understanding which has helped me grow as a person. I continue to learn every day and work on being a better overall person. SE: How would you recommend others to take charge like you have? fMHHes4DGuH1c6sCsBzuk8KytLwEulgW5DSdN-5yw78NTP: I’d recommend people taking charge by creating a vision for what they desire. This is how I’ve co-created with the universe everything that’s happened in my life and career. You have to absolutely love whatever it is you are doing and stay focused on you only. Meaning you shouldn’t be concerned with what others are doing, comparing yourself to others, judging your skill level vs others, having feelings of jealousy or thoughts of feeling less than others, etc. You must only be concerned with your journey. For every thought that you spend thinking of what someone else is doing or being jealous of someone else’s accomplishments, you only take from your own blessings and success. This is a universal law of karma or what goes around, comes around. Always be aware of your thoughts on a daily basis. Work on bettering yourself from the previous day and that’s it. Write down what you desire for your life, career, pole journey and set goals. Read or record your lists to audio and listen to daily. By doing this you will begin to take action and the right people and events will come into place to propel you forward in all areas of life. Remember to be grateful for each accomplishment, for each success, make sure you acknowledge each person that helps you along the way, and for anything else that you’ve learned along the journey. And help and support others in any way you can and that gift will be returned to you 10x fold. And remember this most important fact, There is NO Competition. You are the only person to be working on bettering. When you focus on your life, your life changes and gets better. When you focus on others, their life gets better while your life falls behind and you start to feel worse because you took your attention away from yourself.