Written by Shayne Evans
I have noticed a big change in the pole community in the last week and
it’s not a good one. Bullying. There I said it. I’ve seen a number of posts on social media about hateful comments on videos and
pictures. Why pole community? Why are you doing this? People are saying that the ‘sexy’ video’s posted are ‘bringing the community down.’ No they’re not. It’s the people posting the hurtful comments that are brining us down.
So let’s talk about the ‘sexy’ video’s posted especially in the last week. Yes, there have been a lot of them. Comments such as ‘stripper’ and ‘slut’ have been in abundance lately. Why? Why are people writing these? Because someone doesn’t like that it’s
not ‘pole fitness?’ Ok fair enough. It’s not pole fitness.  There is more than one form of ‘pole dancing’ in our community.
So let me give you a bit of a history lesson about pole fitness. The IPDFA wrote an article on the ‘History of Pole.’ Here’s the link to it http://ipdfa.com/about/history-of-pole/
Do me a favor and have read of it. It talks about Chinese pole, Indian pole and the Western World pole. Let’s not forget where we evolved. Hey, your great grandmother could have been one of those Hoochi Coochi dancers back in her time!
Pole dancing comes in many, many forms. There are the poler’s who dance pole fitness, pole art, sexy pole and pole choreography. Everyone is entitled to express him or herself as they wish. Everyone has a different style of dance. I don’t get pole art at all. But I’m not meant to! But I appreciate the people who dance this form. I don’t get online behind my computer screen and write comments about it.
My mother always said one thing to me in life ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.’ I still say this to myself every day. 

The pole community is growing at a rapid rate. There will be new art forms. New styles. New dancers. And there will be the old forms as well. Lets face it; pole makes a lot of people feel sexy. If they want to dance like that, then let them! We need to accept this. If you can’t, then I suggest you give up pole dancing. If you don’t like a certain style of pole, you don’t have to watch the video! It’s simple. I don’t like scary movies, so I don’t watch them. You can do the same! But if you do watch something, please stop bullying the dancer in the video. It’s not cool at all.

The bullying and bashing of pole dancers and their style needs to stop.  Ain’t no one got time for it. We are meant to be a community. A family. We should be empowering each other. Encouraging each other. Supporting each other. So before you get on the internet and start to write that comment, think about what my mother said.
So let’s starting spreading love and not hate. 
I have a challenge for everyone. Go on Facebook or Instagram and search the hashtag #PoleDancing. Find 10 videos or pictures of a pole dancer you don’t know personally and leave them an encouraging comment. Tell them you like their invert, you like their choreography, you like their body rolls. Whatever it is, make it nice.
Let’s stop the bullying and #SayNoToPoleBullies and let’s all be #UnitedByPole