I wish I’d known . . .

I wish I’d known . . .

I wish I’d known . . .

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I’m part of a group called, appropriately enough, Pole Dancing Bloggers. Each month they have a  topic for a “blog hop” — this month’s topic is “Things I wish I’d known when I first started pole dancing.”  For me, that list could get, errrrrrrr, extensive. 😉  Without further ado:

  1. You will want to be bendy. Stretch now. Do it.
  2. Force yourself to freestyle (even if you know hardly any “moves”) as a new dancer. You’ll be so happy you did!
  3. Tiny tiny shorts sure cost a lot of money … but when those shorts are the only thing between you and a lady bit showcase, every penny is worth it!
  4. Pasties can be a girl’s best friend, for the same reason you’ll be glad you spent the money on tiny shorts with good crotch coverage. 
  5. Point your toes. Make it an automatic thing, a habit. Point them all the time!
  6. Not every trick works for every dancer.
  7. You don’t need to be able to do tricks, ever, to call yourself a pole dancer. Some of the most engaging dancers don’t!
  8. The general public will probably not understand what you’re doing.
  9. There is a huge and often kinda vicious stigma against strip clubs, strippers, pole dancers who dance like strippers, pole dancers who dance in stripper heels, pole dancers who do a lot of body waves and floor humping, you get the picture. Sometimes that stigma comes from within the pole dancing community, which makes it all the more hurtful.  :-/
  10. Pole fitness is a real thing: you will get more fit from pole dancing, no matter what your dance style is. 
  11. You may need to have shirts tailored to fit your ginormous pole dancer shoulders while not hanging sloppily off the rest of you. 
  12. A good instructor is worth her/his weight in gold. 
  13. Don’t be afraid to shelve a move, maybe indefinitely. See #s 6 and 7.
  14. Record your practice sessions, even if they make you cringe. Two reasons: 1) it’ll be super exciting to see your progress, and 2) video can provide you with vitally important eyes on the ground to check for lines, pointed toes, etc. 
  15. When your body tells you it needs a rest, believe it! My forever-jacked-up elbow can attest to that. 
  16. Someday you’ll be insanely proud of your ability to do unassisted pullups. More proud than you can imagine.
  17. You will never be so happy to be so banged up, sore, and exhausted.
  18. Your iPod will overfloweth with pole songs, to the exclusion of nearly all else.
  19. You’ll wish you’d started SOONER!!!

Number 19 really sums it up. I love how pole dancing makes me feel, what I’ve been able to accomplish, the friends I’ve made. Why’d I wait until my late 30s to start?  😉
The look on my face says it all.

Pole dancer parties are so much fun!!!

Annemarie Davies

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