On Friday, February 15, 2013, pole dance competitor Philip Deal was disqualified from the Florida Pole Fitness Championships (FPFC) 2013 by organizer Allison Sipes after receiving an anonymous email from concernedcontestant@gmail.com, informing that Deal is currently involved in pornographic type activities. This was in accordance with rule # 4 under the Applicants section stating “The candidate is not employed in the pornography/strip club industry.” (http://www.floridapolefitnesschampionship.com/Florida_Pole_Fitness_Championship/Rules) Philip Deal, by his own admission, entered into a competition, with out reading the rules, and accepted the decision of disqualification. Also on the FPFC website, rule # 7 under section Disqualification During the Competition states: “The art of pole dancing is the center point. Focus on fitness and presentation, not on sensuality. Any sexual suggestion will not be tolerated”. However, the following day, Saturday, February 16, 2013, FPFC promoted the event at a local festival in Orlando, Florida, called “Nude Nite”, which became the catalyst for the several angry Facebook posts that were made alleging hypocrisy on behalf of the organizer of FPFC. Allison Sipes stated in her public statement ” Philip was contacted and made aware of the rules and why he no longer qualified and was offered an alternative. While we could no longer offer him a position in the Florida Pole Fitness Championships because of the rules, we could offer him a spot in the Florida Pole and Aerial showcase in the fall. This is a showcase for all artists of any background and does not have the strict rules of the Championships.” The very day after Philip Deal was disqualified from The Florida Pole Fitness Championships for participating in pornographic activities, sexy, provocative pictures (see below) from the “Nude Nite” promotion were seen on the FPFC’s organizers Facebook page. Since all of this commotion on Facebook, things seemed to have calmed down for now. The Florida Pole Fitness Championships are on March 3, 2013 at the Plaza Live Theater in Orlando, Florida. If you’re in the area or passing through, check it out, and tell us what your thoughts are on this event.