10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Becca Buck

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Becca Buck

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Becca Buck

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Let’s meet another competitor in the Pole Championship Series line-up. Becca Buck qualified for the competition at the Midwest Pole Dance Championship in August of this year. Learn how this self-proclaimed late bloomer got ahead with no prior dance or gymnastics background. 

1. How did you first discover pole dancing?
A friend of mine bought a groupon for a pole party, and invited me to go with her. It was love at first fireman spin, I was hooked immediately!

2. What was it that got you hooked on it? 
I loved how fun and free it made me feel, spinning around the pole was exhilarating! And once I discovered how strong pole could make you, I fell in love even more.

3. Where do you train? 
At Bella Forza Fitness, in Cincinnati Ohio

4. You qualified for PCS at The Midwest Pole Dance Championship. What was that experience like?
Winning at Midwest was absolutely surreal! I had no expectations for placing, there were so many talented dancers there, when they called my name it was a complete shock. I was so convinced I wouldn’t place that I didn’t even book a hotel room for the whole weekend, we were left scrambling at the last minute to find a place to sleep!

5. Did anyone help your with choreography of your piece?
Several of the Bella Forza ladies gave me critique, ideas, and feedback, which I value immensely. But largely I do all of my own choreography, which has become one of my favorite parts of the performance process.

6. Your style seems to incorporate story-telling in your dancing. Where does this element come from? 
It really started with a Halloween performance I did last year, where I danced to Sally’s Song, and tried to completely embody Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas) as a character. It grew from there, as I began to ask myself what these characters would do, what do they want, what is their motivation? Dancing a story has become such an integral part of my creative process, its hard for me to imagine how I could dance without it, now.

7. What is your favorite pole move of the moment?
Anything that involves jumping or popping on, off, up, down, and around the pole!

8. What about favorite song?
At the moment I’m in love with Isjaki by Sigur Ros, but just about anything by Sigur Ros is going to make it on my pole playlist!

9. Do you have a pole idol?
Natasha Wang, she’s a huge inspiration to me. I’ve never done any type of dance or gymnastics in my life, and I discovered pole at age 27, which in the world of competitive athletics is incredibly late. I’m now 29, and have had to work extremely hard to “catch up” to all the life long dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders in our sport. Natasha Wang inspires me, if she can do it, I believe I can do it, too!

10. Have you begun preparing for the Pole Championship Series?
Oh yes! I started brainstorming for PCS almost immediately, and I’m very excited about some of the ideas I’ve come up with!



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