10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Amanda Rose

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Amanda Rose

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Amanda Rose

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The Pole Championship Series is about two weeks away! Let’s meet another one of the competitors, Amanda Rose. She is a pint-sized powerhouse quickly building a name for herself in the pole dance industry. Read on to learn more about her!

I know you were a competitive gymnast. What was that experience like? 
I loved being a gymnast. It taught me to be self-motivated and disciplined. It also help me establish a strong work ethic not only with sports but in life as well. I learned that no matter what goals you set for yourself you can achieve almost anything if you put your mind to it. I also learned that many times you have to sacrifice certain “normal” aspects of your life such as hanging out with friends and family and doing many things that other young adults do because of a rigorous training schedule. 

How did you first discover pole dancing? 
I don’t actually recall the exact thing that drew me to pole. I recall searching YouTube and coming across pole dancing videos. They peaked my interest and intrigued me. I decided I would give it a try and fell in love after my first class. After my gymnastics career was complete I was searching for something that challenged me in a similar way both physically and mentally. Pole definitely was the sport to do that.

Where do you train?  
I train everywhere! I have been fortunate and grateful to have several studio owners open their doors to me. Currently I train at a number of studios near my home. If there are poles (preferably 45mm’s) I train there. I do not belong to any particular team but enjoy training with them all. I feel that there is something to learn from everyone. They all have some amazingly talented women and I love learning and collaborating with as many as I can. 

What is the secret to the walking handstand move you do? That looks like it takes a lot of core strength!
Most people think it’s all about my strength because visually it appears that way. However, like so many “tricks” there is definitely a specific technique to it and yes, some strength. I have always had the ability to do a handstand. I was doing them at 3 and that’s when my parents knew I belonged in gymnastics.

You have a very clean and powerful style infused with gymnastic techniques. Is it natural to incorporate your experience as a gymnast in your pole dancing?
That is both a yes and no answer. My gymnastics background has been helpful with the physical and strength demands of pole. My strength stems from years of training as a gymnast. Does it help physically? Yes, very much so, however, it is also very different. Gymnastics is rigid and very structured. As a pole dancer I now have to incorporate the characteristics of a gymnast, a dancer, an actor, and so much more. I have to embody all of these characteristics all at once in under 4 minutes. Pole is much more challenging all around physically, mentally and artistically.

You qualified for PCS at The North American Pole Dance Championship. What was that experience like?
The entire experience was amazing and I was very grateful to take part in such a professional and artistic event. My performance for North American was one of my favorite and also the most memorable piece for me thus far.

Do you have a pole idol?
I don’t have only one specific idol. There are a so many pole dancers that truly inspire me. However, Marion Crampe is the one who picked me up and made me believe in myself. Both she and Milan Pole Dance Studio have been there for me from the beginning of my pole career. They believed in me and gave me the opportunity to learn and grow as a person and as a pole dancer. I am forever grateful to both of them. I often remember Marion’s words of wisdom when I train. She continues to motivate and inspire me. She is an incredibly talented pole artist.

What is you favorite pole move at the moment?
My favorite move changes so often. It depends on my mood, whether I’m happy, sad, angry, frustrated, etc. I just do whatever my heart and body calls for at the moment.

What about favorite song to dance to?

My favorite song at the moment? That probably changes every five minutes. Right now it is Lana Del Rey, Ride.

How are you feeling heading into the PCS?

This next one should be fun. I have done many pieces from a rock/love piece, an instrumental piece, a dark and gory piece and this next one is something entirely different. I am back to a rigorous training schedule and couldn’t more excited. I am really looking forward to this next competition.



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