10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Nadyne Moldowan

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Nadyne Moldowan

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Nadyne Moldowan

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It was announced today that the 2014 Pole Championship Series will take place at the Arnold Sports Festival on February 27th, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. This is the first time the Arnold Classic will add pole fitness as an official sport. 

Nadyne Moldowan will be one of the twelve competitors vying for the title. She is currently the Canadian Pole Fitness Champion. We spoke with her as part of our series where we will be getting to know all the finalists leading up to the competition. 

1. When did you first try pole dancing? What did you like most about it?

I first started mid 2009 with a drop-in class. I had been divorced a couple years earlier, and as a result had really low self-esteem. Also I led a very inactive lifestyle. The thing I liked most about it was how confident the instructor was, and how confident she made me feel (even though I was struggling with everything!) I was amazed at how sore I was for days, but couldn’t wait to get back, which was totally unlike me, I used to shy away from everything that would make me ‘work,’ but this didn’t feel like work.

2. Where do you train?

I train at the studio I originally started at, Femme Natale’s Pole Fitness in Courtenay, on beautiful Vancouver Island Canada. I was so lucky to find a studio with an owner as open as Natalie Fustier, now I am a full partner at Femme Natale’s and couldn’t ask for a better partner who lets me travel all over!

3. You qualified for PCS at the Canadian National Championships. What was that experience like?
It was incredible! I have never had a bad experience with the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships. It always runs so smooth, and all the competitors are so good to each other. I was very happy to perform my routine cleanly, and so thankful for my placement!

4. Being an American I’m not very familiar with the pole dancing scene in Canada. Is it popular there?
Pole dancing in Canada is definitely not as big as it is in the USA, but we are getting bigger every year! When I first started competing in the 2011 Miss Pole Dance Canada, there was only an amateur and pro division, where this year there was amateur, semi-pro, pro, doubles, mens, and masters. I have enjoyed watching it grow.

5. Do you choreograph your own pieces?
My routines are choreographed usually by both my business partner/trainer Natalie Fustier and I. She adds the originality and creativity that make it flow,  and I fill it with as much difficulty as I think I can handle.

6. What are your hobbies besides pole dancing?
In my spare time I enjoy gold mining and prospecting, the idea of finding treasure (gold, gems, fossils etc) is so exciting! Also if we are stuck indoors I play video games.

7. What is your favorite pole move of the moment?

My favorite pole move at the moment….hmm, I’m actually not sure what it is called. But a super close second is Marlo Fisken’s Bird of Paradise – one day!!

8. What about favorite song?
I really enjoy dancing to the hair metal of the 80’s, or almost anything of my 80-90’s era.

9. Do you have a pole idol?

My first Idol is definitely the lady who got me into it! Natalie Fustier 😉 As for the Pole stars, I have many, but definitely Felix Cane. I would love to make what I do seem as effortless as she does. She makes it look so easy!

10. Have you begun preparing for the Pole Championship Series?

I have an idea in mind, and am just in the process of picking my music!



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