10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Samantha Star

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Samantha Star

10 Questions for Pole Championship Series Finalist Samantha Star

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Now we introduce to you another one of the talented competitors that will be competing at the Pole Championship Series taking place February 27, 2014 at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Samantha Star is an instructor at Body & Pole in New York City. She has been pole dancing for over a decade. Read on to get to know her a little better.  

1. What do you love most about pole dancing?
I love that pole dancing gives you the ability to defy gravity, push the limits of what is considered possible, while making it all look easy.

2. You qualified for PCS at Pole Expo. What was that experience like?
It was thrilling. Pole Expo was the last competition of the year for me so I had a good energy going into it. Being on stage performing or competing is part of what fuels my passion to pole.

3. Yes, you competed in a few this year. How many others were there? And how do you find the energy?!
I competed in 5 in 2013: National Aerial Pole Art, Atlantic Pole Championships (placed 2nd), performed my NAPA raven routine at Pole Convention, PSO Nationals (placed 4th), Midwest Elite Division, Pole Classic at Pole Expo (1st place). I also moved to NYC between the first two competitions of the season. My thought process on finding the energy is never stopping. It can be exhausting but I love it. I enjoy one day of non-movement a week and pole or cross train the rest of the week.

4. Your Pole Expo piece was an animalistic theme. How did you create this concept?
I’m drawn to using animalistic movements in my warmups and while training. I was interested in continuing exploring this theme and Tarzana was created.

5. Who is Tarzana? Is that your alter ego? Do you build characters into your routines a lot?
Tarzana is the alter ego character that evolved from the movement and music. A few of my routines have had characters or have been based on a theme. I have been a Ninja, Robot, Warrior, Raven and created a piece from fluid movement and circular motion.

6. Do you choreograph your own pieces?
I do choreograph my own pieces but I am fortunate enough to have access to some of the most talented artists and athletes in the industry. Their input and influence helps create the final product.

7. You use a lot of hand balancing in your routines and are known for your strength moves. What is the most useful exercise pole dancers should do to gain more power?
Handstands… Lots of handstands.

8. What is your favorite pole move of the moment?
Pole assisted handstand variations.

9. What hobbies do you enjoy outside of pole dancing?
Besides handstanding everywhere and on everything I enjoy practicing yoga and cross train aerial straps and lyra (hoop). I enjoy going to the theatre for plays, musicals and dance productions as well as exploring museums.

10. Do you have any fun facts about yourself?
I have 40 star tattoos and two scar stars. All of which are symmetrical.  I am also fond of palindromes.



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