Felix, Franço & a Ferrari...

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Felix Ferrari Felix Cane & Carlos França
Carlos França Felix Freestyle

Let me fill you in with whats been going on... there’s been some shoots with JC’s pole school and so on, and some great ideas coming together for a shoot I have coming up soon hopefully involving a church setting and some serious flexibility!

Anyway the big news... If you didn't know already, the incredibly talented and ridiculously gorgeous Felix Cane is back in the country and training hard at Taylor’s Retreat with Sam and the gang for the next four to five weeks!

So my big news... Back around the 13th of April or so I was at the end of finalizing a pole shoot with none other than the lovely Sam Ames and her wonderful students, when I saw her status saying she had Felix coming to stay and she’d be around for a few weeks. I hadn't heard anything about Felix for a long time and this is the lady who was "numero uno" when my wife started her pole school... she is literally my wife’s hero!

Anyway I messaged Sam, more messing around really saying “a shoot with Felix would be cool”, but the reply I got left me gob smacked! Sam basically said "get your butt down here on the 20th, were holding a pole jam and I’ll get you a shoot with Felix if you can shoot the days events and photograph the girls with Felix".... Eeerrmm, I’M IN!!!

Fast forward to the night before I’m due to head down there and I get another message from Sam saying “babe, I’ve got you a shoot with Carlos França tomorrow if your up for it....?" holy s#%t was my first thought! This is mad, I've done shoots with pole schools and some exceptionally talented people but never with anyone of the famous status in the pole community, and now I had two on the same day!

Morning came and we headed down. I was definitely a little nervous to meet them but  they both made us feel comfortable instantly and were well up for the photos! I got some great doubles shots, single shots and even Felix free styling in a field with a Ferrari circling her, which looked very cool indeed! 

The end result is that I had the best weekend ever with Sam, Felix, Carlos, a Ferrari and lots of friends, my wife got to meet her hero and I got some shots that are going to be very hard to beat for a little while!

Felix and Carlos are the nicest people you could meet and Felix really is hilarious! 

What a great day with great people! 

Even if no one else get this I know Felix will... I'M SO GLAD I GOT UP THAT MORNING!!


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