Pole Statistics

A lot of people have been asking us the most recent statistics for pole dancing.  They are listed below and these are the stats as of 7/20/11. Please note: These numbers are subject to change on a daily basis, and are as close to accurate as possible. This page will be updated in March 2012.

Number of Pole Dancers in the world:  180,000 (Provided by Bad Kitty Exotic Wear)

Number of Pole Dancing Studios in the world: 1,200

Number of Active Pole Dancing Countries: 70

Number of Pole Dancing Studios in the US: 571 (Updated 5/23/12)

State with the Most Pole Studios: California 109 (Updated 3/28/12)

First Pole Dancing Studio in the World to Open: 1994, by Fawnia Deitrich.

Every 12 hours, somewhere in the world, a pole dancing studio is opened, or a pole is added to an already existing business. (Provided by X-Pole)

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