Bringing Sexy Back 2013


Congratulations to the following people for moving on to the voting round of the BSB 2014 Poster Contest!

Adrienne Strauss
AJ Artman
Amber Fraser-Lilley
Ayumi LaNoire
Caitlin Goddard
Candace Cane
Chalese Marie
Danielle Mayzes
Deborah Simoes
Effy Xcite
Inga Egorova
Jeni Janover
Jona Egger
Kate Gero
Katherine White
Kelly Maglia
Laetitia Tigra
Lara Michaels
Luki Martino
Mary Caryl
Nadia Shariff
Roxanne Day
Roxfly Universe
S.T. Shimi
Samantha Nicole
Sienna Spaulding
Stacey Craven
Yayu Lopatio

UPA members can vote for their top 5 from August 16-18 online! Become a member in order to vote!

How does the contest work? You and a bunch of other polers submit their photo to UPA. Then, UPA staff goes through all of the photos and picks 25 to move on to the voting round. Voters are asked to pick their top 5. Once the votes are counted, we send the final contestants photos to our current BSB Poster Girl (in this case, BSB 2013 Poster Girl Sarah Jade) and Alethea Austin for the final votes!

Who votes on the top 25? This year, UPA is honored to have Bad Kitty hosting our BSB 2014 Poster Girl Contest Voting Party! They have graciously offered to host guests at the Bad Kitty Headquarters in Scottsdale to vote on the top 25 entries. The guests will consist of polers, non-polers, men and women. This year all UPA members are also invited to vote on the top 25 contestants. We will have a special page set up on the website for voting, which will take place from August 16-18 at midnight PST. UPA Staff DOES NOT vote on the top 25.

Why do we need the photographer’s information? In order to use the winning photo for poster purposes, UPA has to contact the photographer of the photo that you submit. This is why we must have their information.

Why do we want a pole in the picture? We’d like a pole in the picture so that people can tell what kind of sexy celebration Bringing Sexy Back is. Without the pole, people might not be sure what the celebration is all about. A picture is worth a million words, so in order to not have to write out those million words, we’d rather have the pole in there ;)

If you have any questions regarding the rules or voting, email us!!

Thank you for participating in Bringing Sexy Back 2013 and the BSB 2014 Poster Girl Contest!

annie“the more you tell yourself you are beautiful, the more you take the time to practice feeling sexy, because yes, it does take a bit of practice, the more confident you will find yourself being. This is why I love Bringing Sexy Back Week! This is the perfect opportunity for everyone, men, women, straight or gay, tall or short to show each other how sexy they are. Last year we had over 250 videos of people from all over the world participating in Bringing Sexy Back. This year, we are hoping to double that. This is, for me, my favorite thing that will happen all year. There are so many ways to be sexy, it doesn’t have to be what other people think is sexy, it should just be you, feeling good in your skin and expressing that the best way you know how. The best part of Bringing Sexy Back is there is no judging, no scores, it’s a celebration! Celebrate you being you, rejoice in your beauty and share it with us.”

- Annemarie Davies, UPA CEO/Founder

To read Annemarie’s full BSB 2013 Blog entry, click here!


Bringing Sexy Back 2013 – July8-22, 2013


A two week to celebration of YOUR version of sexy pole dance. A time for all pole dancers to come together and share what makes them feel sexy. Throughout the two weeks, pole dancers are encouraged to make videos, take pictures or share stories of feeling sexy. Our goal this year is to double the amount of participants from last year. UPA will be sharing videos and pictures everyday on our facebook and twitter pages. You can submit your video or picture by tagging UPA in your status or emailing us at This year we are lucky to have a major sponsor, Bad Kitty! At the end of the two week celebration we will ask BSB 2013 participants to submit a photo for our BSB 2014 Poster Girl Contest. This year’s poster girl is Sarah Jade, owner of Buttercup Pole Fitness in Florida. Sarah was chosen out of 25+ submissions by a group of polers and non-polers through a voting process at our exclusive BSB Poster Girl Voting Party. This year Bad Kitty will be hosting our BSB Poster Girl Voting Party. UPA members will be invited this year to vote as well. More details coming soon.

How to Participate in BSB 2013

Participating is simple! Create a video of your type of sexy pole dance or submit a picture! To make sure UPA is accurately counting all the videos and pictures, please make sure to TAG UPA (better yet, post it on our wall!) on Facebook or EMAIL us your picture or video to If you don’t follow us on Facebook and don’t tag us, then we might not see your video or picture. We want to have accurate stats for 2013′s celebration and watch the growth every year! UPA will create a BSB 2013 playlist on YouTube, courtesy of Robyn Rooke and will create a BSB 2013 photo album on the UPA Facebook fan page and the UPA site, which will be located here. Title your video “UPA’s Bringing Sexy Back 2013 – Your Name Here”

***Please note: UPA does not hold any nudity (view of any private parts or breasts) or adult content on this or any other website.***

How did Bringing Sexy Back start?


The first Bringing Sexy Back Celebration took place one year ago after Annemarie Davies and Alethea Austin had a little chat about losing the sexiness in pole dancing. After some thought, Annemarie wrote an article called “Do We Need to Bring the Sexy Back?”. UPA received a huge response and then Bringing Sexy Back Week 2012 was born with Alethea Austin as the first BSB Poster Girl.


Statistics from BSB 2012:

Pictures shared: 205
Videos shared: 200+ (some videos never made it onto our list! make sure to tag us!)

Click here for photos from last year’s celebration.

Click here for videos from last year’s celebration.

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